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Our simulator is a work of art in itself and it can be yours for simply a day. Rent one and you’ll see what we mean. 10 different experience in 1 perfect machine: 2 Rollercoasters, Swing, BMX ride, Sky Jump, Snow Slope, Desert Rally Race, 2 Hand Glider Flying Experience, Wing Suit Flying


What is 5D Virtual Reality Machine?

XtremeVR presents you the virtual reality simulator based on Oculus Rift. We use the headset(virtual glasses) to simulate virtual reality and a platform on which you stand to let you get the impression of risk-free extreme adventures. At the same time the human brain perceives everything as if it were the truth: the heartbeat quickens, blood pressure rises and adrenaline releases in the blood. 5D Virtual Reality is a new development, Oculus 5D attraction designed for extreme experiences. Unlike other 5D attractions it arouses more vivid emotions and allows you to actually feel the rapid movement, jumping, shaking, flying and falling, wind as special effect provide additional sensations. We are amazed by courage and skills of athletes engaged in extreme activities and we admire the dangerous and beautiful places where they carry out their dizzying stunts. It's not often that you have a possibility to go abroad to ride the roller coaster, go skiing or hang-gliding and now, thanks to our precise VR simulator we can experience these extreme sensations. With our machine it is not risky to zip the hillside and jump off a cliff into the water, to experience the excitement of height and emotion of free flying to feel the breakneck speed and the horror of falling into the abyss.

Virtual reality

A full presence effect is achieved by a high-quality video and realistic graphics and by additional effects (vibration, powerful sound, wind effect)


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VR Simulator

What is "Extreme-machine"?

  • Extreme-machine" is a simulator of extreme experiences
  • It works with a virtual headset and allows the user to see 360° in virtual space
  • The platform responds to the position of the body in space and the user can control the game
  • Unique video content is available under license
  • A full presence effect is achieved by a high-quality video and realistic graphics and by additional effects (vibration, powerful sound, wind effect)

  • Virtual reality

    Virtual Reality VS Reality

    Virtual reality

    XTREMEVR Products


    The future is here and it's made of cardboard. This technology is in very early stages so we don't have all the answers as to where it will go and what exciting new apps will be developed for it. But we do know we are very excited too and cant wait to share this journey into the future with you. Developers are working like crazy to make exciting new apps and games for this new technology.

    Virtual reality


    Films and games for the virtual reality gaming system Extreme-machine

    Especially for the motion amusement simulator of virtual reality Extreme-machine together with the studio Dreampix a series of extreme sports films were created. Virtual reality simulator of Extreme-machine and the series of new films allow you to enjoy beautiful views of trails and slopes, participate in the competition, experience the joy of victory and survive the most dangerous moments that take your breath away without risking your life. With the films provided by our simulator the virtual world becomes bright and dynamic.


    The box

    Nobody can be surprised today by the conventional roller coaster today. In the 21st century, modern technology has advanced so much ahead and now is not so easy to stun even a ordinary office employee. Not to mention those people who are professionally engaged in the extreme. But the industry of attractions is making headway and the new The box came to replace the conventional roller coaster, this is a roller coaster, the main feature of which are three-dimensional structures through which the roller coaster passes. But as the opportunity to take a ride under such conditions in the reality is not available, the virtual reality is of help. Experience the most unusual emotions! Our new film The Box will enable you to do this. By the way, the music used in the film was written by a professional DJ specifically for this film.

    Fly In Mountains

    Now we’re giving you a chance to look ahead and see screenshots from the project! You can take on trust, Oculus rift in this work looks amazing !!! You may not experience such enormousness and space in reality!

    Unreal Snow Slope

    Work on a new film Unreal Snow Slope Oculus has been completed! This film has been made specifically within the series Extreme content for our new Virtual Reality simulator This time you will be able to ski down the hillside, experience steep turns which professional skiers experience, feel the delight of free fall and extreme jumps on virgin snow land. All what you’re afraid even to think of, you can now experience in virtual reality.

    Fortress Coaster

    Roller coaster in the format Oculus 5D is a real immersion in virtual reality, the capacity to turn your head 360 degrees is available, you can experience a real delight! Falling from the steepest hills and feeling a shiver going up and down the spine! All of these is our new film for Oculus rift 5D.

    City Hammer

    Giant swing will tickle your nerves! Your brain does not absolutely accept the reality! Immersion is so strong that adrenaline just over-swings, there is no necessity to go to an amusement park, it is just enough to go for a ride on our Virtual Reality Machine!

    Hover Man

    You think skydiving is scary? What about the free flying without a parachute, fan, and other inventions of the human genius? A wing-suit is a suit for free flying in the air without a motor, which is at the moment the most effective of all inventions, but in order to try it out you have to jump at least 200 times with a parachute, to learn the basics of the free flying.

    Unreal jump

    We draw your attention to our long-awaited ride the Unreal jump! Now you can experience the emotion and adrenaline that athletes experience when jumping off the spring-board! Inexpressible sensations, emotions are real! You are sure to experience the surge of adrenaline and excitement! Whereas we can imagine hang-gliding and going on a roller coaster and we can dare experience these activities in reality, in the case of jumping-off the spring-board the professional sport training is required! It is only by means of our simulator that you will plunge into the virtual environment, the additional effect of wind add immersion and realism!

    Desert Race Rally

    We wanted to surprise you! A couple of months ago it was only in my dreams! And now you can try yourself what it is – to influence the course of events in their virtual reality. Explosions and clashes – this is a real extreme! In real life, we can not realize such an adrenaline rush! Control the steering wheel and elude your competitors, coming first is not so easy! Two circles of route and countless obstructions! Managing of the position in space is so exciting, there is a desire to go for a ride again and again!


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